Learn to create your own TV shows with Nā Leo TV’s External Producer training program.

As the Big Island’s only public access television station, Nā Leo TV gives local residents the ability to exercise their freedom of speech and share their passions with the world. NLTV’s training can help you learn how to put together your very own television show and broadcast it on cable channels 53 and 54.

Nā Leo TV offers a comprehensive online course at minimal cost that allows you to become a certified producer. After completion of the course, the use of television equipment and facilities is FREE. To learn more about what certification entails, click the button below.

Class Information

Already positive you want to become an External Producer? To find out more about our online introduction, click here and then head into one of our studios to sign up for the classes and pay the certification fee.

Nā Leo TV • Hilo
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Nā Leo TV • Kona
73-4855 Kanalani Street • Unit 5 • Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740