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Nā Leo TV is looking for people who want to get their message out to the people of the Big Island. Hawai’i residents can air free programs on our public access television channels by becoming a certified producer or a presenter.

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Candidates who participated:

Alvin A. Akina Jr., Paul Bryant, Daniel H. Cunningham,

Marlene Hapai, Peter S. Hoffmann, Wendell Kaʻehuʻaeʻa,

Harry Kim, Helen O. Luta, Gene Tamashiro, and Eric Weinert Jr..


Candidate who participated:
Mitch Roth.

Candidates who participated:
Kaialiʻi Kahele,  Dennis Onishi, and Kaloa R.N. Robinson.


Candidates who participated:
Frederick Fogel, Greggor Ilagan, and Russell E. Ruderman.

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Candidate who participated:
Heather L. Kimball.


Candidates who participated:
Grace Dei Larson, Clifton K. Tsuji, and Jonathan Wong. 

Candidates who participated:
Richard H.K. Onishi and Ainoa Naniole.

Candidates who participated:
Joy A. San Buenaventura and Luana Jones.


Candidates who participated: 

Bronsten Kossow and Bruce C. Pratt.


Candidates who participated: 

Jeffrey Coakley, Cindy Evans, and David Tarnas.


Candidates who participated:
Aaron S.Y. Chung, William J. Halversen, and Margarita Hopkins.


Candidate who participated:
Moana M.H. Keliʻi.


Candidates who participated:
Madie Greene and Eileen OʻHara.


Candidates who participated:
Danny Paleka and Jen Ruggles.


Candidates who participated:
Maile David and Raina Whiting.


Candidates who participated:
Nestorio Domingo and Dru Mamo Kanuha.


Candidates who participated:
Jeffrey Citron and Karen S. Eoff.


Candidates who participated:
Herbert Richards and Margaret Wille.

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NLOH is a nonprofit 501(c) 3, which is governed by a nine member Board of Directors. Board members are non-compensated and are representatives of various identified stakeholders throughout the Island of Hawaiʻi.

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