On National Policy:

·       There is no action nor declaration by federal, state, or county authorities for mass quarantine.

On Department of Health Updates:

·       Department of Health reports that there are no cases of coronavirus on Hawaii Island. 

Update on Cargo and Shipping:

·        As for the supply of goods into the State of Hawaii, the Department of Transportation and our shipping companies confirm transportation operations from the west coast and inter-island will remain as scheduled and there is no need to hoard food.  

·       To avoid shortages and assure supplies of sanitation and cleaning products are available for all, we ask that you limit your purchases to your immediate needs.

·       On February 29th, the Grand Princess cruise ship docked at the Port of Hilo. The CDC 14-day quarantine period for persons presenting with symptoms related to Grand Princess exposure ended on March 14th.  No persons on Hawaii Island have been identified with coronavirus related to the Grand Princess.

The following is a Community Advisory on Keeping Hawaii Safe:

·       As a reminder, the community must come together and take action to prevent the spread of coronavirus to our Island. You can make a difference right now by staying informed, following health advisories, and taking action to protect yourself and your family. 

·       Please continue following general hygiene practices, such as using soap and water when available, to help curb shortages.

Other Additional Information:

·       In order to properly clean and disinfect public school facilities, the Department of Education announced that Spring Break, which starts today, will be extended to March 30th.

·       Please make sure your information is up-to-date and comes from a credible source.

·       For more information regarding Coronavirus, Hawaii County has opened a call center to answer any of your questions concerning coronavirus in operation daily at 935-0031.

Your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency will continue to give you daily updates and you will be notified of any changes that may affect your safety.

Have a safe day.