On the Coronavirus status:

The total number of people tested positive on Hawaii Island is 21 with 11 recovered.  The remaining 10 are quarantined at home with Department of Health monitoring.  At this date for Hawaii Island, no one that has been infected by the virus had to be hospitalized.

Be advised effective today, April 1, the Governor’s new interisland travel policy is in effect.  You are asked to follow these travel policies to reduce the spread of coronavirus.  The travel policies are:

·         All persons traveling between any of the islands is subject to a 14 day mandatory self-quarantine.

·         The following exceptions are authorized for persons traveling for short term stays for medical or health care.

·         And persons involved in maintaining critical infrastructure functions.

·         All must adhere to social distancing and wear protective face mask.

Your involvement is needed to follow all policies to stop the spread of the virus.  Do Call Civil Defense at 935-0031 for any clarification on these matters. 

Coronavirus is no April Fool’s joke, please follow all preventive measures and observe social distancing of at least 6 feet and keep groups less than 10 people.


County of Hawaii 

State of Hawaii Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization