Effective today the Governor’s proclamation of all incoming passengers to the state of Hawaii will be quarantined in their lodges for a period of 14 days.  Hawaii residents will be allowed to quarantine at their homes.

An update of the coronavirus, the number of active cases for Hawaii Island, remains at 3.  Active cases are those who were confirmed having that virus and are quarantined and being monitored by the Department of Health.  The Department of Health reports that at this date for Hawaii Island no one had to be hospitalized. 

Your county government continues to aggressively address programs of prevention and provide credible and timely information to you.  The task force of cleansing is out seven days a week, disinfecting parks, bus stops, sidewalks, and town centers.  This work will continue as long as necessary to combat the spread of this disease.     

An acknowledge and huge thank you, for all the actions taken by merchants and community, keeping Hawaii Safe. 

To all please practice everyday measures of prevention and most important keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy.  Within the policies of social distancing and gatherings, exercise and enjoy Hawaii.

Thank you for helping, please keep Hawaii safe.

This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense.


County of Hawaii

State of Hawaii Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization