Effective Wednesday, March 25, the Governor’s Emergency Proclamation order of “Stay at Home” policies will take effect.  Specifics of these policies will be made available.

For your information, the number of confirmed cases for Hawaii Island remains at four.   Of this, none have been hospitalized and one has returned to the mainland after total recovery.  The remaining three are being closely monitored by Department of Health and are quarantined.

Your county government continues to aggressively address programs of prevention and providing credible and timely information to you. 

Your County Government Task Force of Cleansing and Prevention is out in full force seven days a week and will continue.  A second informational pamphlet will be completed and be distributed by this week. 

This is a community issue and will take a total community effort to keep Hawai`i safe.  To all, please practice everyday measures of prevention and most important keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy.  As you can make a huge difference.

To all health care workers, thank you very much for your work.