Effective today, March 25, the Governor’s State Proclamation of “Stay at home” policy takes effect.  State and County government employees will be notified of their status by their supervisors.  The private sector permitted to remain open has been identified by the Governor’s proclamation.  Specifics or clarification of the Governor’s proclamation is available by calling Civil Defense at 935-0031.

On the update of the Coronavirus, the number of active cases for Hawaii Island is now at three.  None are hospitalized and are being quarantined in their quarters and monitored by the Department of Health.   Your County government continues to aggressively address programs of prevention and provide credible and timely information to you. 

Remember, we can all help stop this threat to our community by practicing good etiquette on coughing and sneezing, by keeping your areas clean, and for now, as hard as it is, for our culture, no handshakes, no high fives, no hugs, and no knuckle to knuckle.  Just say high for now. 

This is a community issue and we all need to help keep Hawaii safe.  You can make a difference.  Let’s all work together and Hawaii will come through with a minimum of harm. 

Hawaii County Civil Defense.