On State of Hawaii Updates:

Governor Ige announced today a 15-day Plan to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  This State plan addresses prevention and mitigation measures in regard to sport events, social establishments and social gatherings, cruise ships and air travel, State closures, and more.  For additional information regarding this announcement, please visit Hawaii County Civil Defense webpage at

On Department of Health Updates:

·         The Department of Health confirms the first case of coronavirus on Hawaii Island.  A person in Hawaii County tested positive for the coronavirus.  This person has been and continues to be isolated and is currently being monitored by the Department of Health. 

·         The Department of Health is working to identify who might have had close contact with this person.

·         The Department of Health, along with Hawaii Island healthcare partners, has established coronavirus test facilities in Hawaii County at the following locations;

o   Hilo Medical Center

o   Kona Community Hospital

o   And, North Hawaii Community Hospital

·         In order to be tested, please be advised that your physician or a health clinic must prescribe the test to be done, and you must have a valid ID and an insurance card.  For those who do not have a healthcare doctor or insurance, evaluation will be conducted at the Emergency Room.

Other Additional Information:

·         In order to properly clean and disinfect public school facilities and to develop a plan to prevent the spread of the virus, the Department of Education announced that Spring Break, which started yesterday is extended to March 30th.

For more information regarding Coronavirus, Hawaii County has opened a call center to answer any of your questions concerning coronavirus in operation daily at 935-0031.

Your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency will continue to give you daily updates and you will be notified of any changes that may affect your safety.