On Federal Government Updates:

·         The President of the United States yesterday invoked the Defense Production Act which allows the government to mobilize U.S. production capacity for the production equipment and supplies in combating the virus. 

On County of Hawaii Updates:

·         Your County of Hawaii has established a COVID-19 website dedicated to providing you up-to-date information about the coronavirus. To access this site visit or click on the coronavirus link at the top of the County of Hawaii homepage.

·         Your County of Hawaii is committed to maintaining public services and operations during this period and has implemented proactive preventive measures of disinfecting, sanitizing, and social distancing at all County facilities.  Please be prepared to sanitize your hands and to maintain social distancing by the public of at least 6 feet when visiting your County of Hawaii facility.

·         As provided yesterday, Hawaii Island businesses and places of worship that decide to remain open, are to address how you will minimize risk to your personnel and your customers.  This is of assurance of proactive cleanliness of disinfecting and sanitizing your facility and implementing of social distancing.

·         If places decide to remain open, the County of Hawaii is available to assist any and all entities with ideas and ways to safely remain open and to keep our communities safe.  Should your business and place of worship need assistance, please call Civil Defense at 935-0031. 

On Department of Health Updates:

·         The Department of Health reports that there are 26 positive cases of coronavirus throughout the State of Hawaii with 1 case on Hawaii Island. 

·         The Department of Health, along with Hawaii Island healthcare partners, has established coronavirus test facilities in Hawaii County at the following locations;

o   Hilo Medical Center

o   Kona Community Hospital

o   And, North Hawaii Community Hospital

·         Please be advise that individuals who are NOT sick, who are NOT symptomatic, that are NOT presenting flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, or dry cough will not be considered for testing.

·         In order to be tested, your physician or a health clinic must prescribe the test to be done, and you must have a valid ID and an insurance card.  For those who do not have a healthcare doctor or insurance, evaluation will be conducted at the Emergency Room.

Your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency will continue to give you daily updates and you will be notified of any changes that may affect your safety.

Thank you for listening.  Have a safe day. This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.