“All Things Ukulele with BJ – Episode 2”

Join BJ Soriano, the Ukulele Lady, for another episode of NLTV’s “All Things Ukulele with BJ,” our newest music show! She also is joined by a special guest, one of her first students, Patti Taira-Tokuuke.

Now available on our video on demand and you can watch it during the following initial air dates:  

Fri., 2/23 @ 7:00pm, Channel 53
Sat., 2/24 @ 9:30am, Channel 54
Sun., 2/25 @ 11:30am, Channel 53
Mon.,  2/26 @ 4:30pm, Channel 54
Tues., 2/27 @ 1:00pm, Channel 53
Wed., 2/28 @ 11:00am, Channel 54
Thur.,  3/1 @  9:30am, Channel 53
Fri.,  3/2 @ 6:00pm, Channel 54
Additional air dates can be found when you try watching the show on video on demand. 

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