New Big Island Arts and Entertainment Report

This month’s Big Island Arts and Entertainment report features Bronze Sculptor Chris Barela, beanie maker Nick Iwamoto, and singer/songwriter Sabrina Baron. Catch it on our channels and video on demand…/v8ChcAR1AGw0…/media/226826… . Sun., 3/19 @ 7:30pm Channel 53 Mon., 3/20 @ 7:00pm Channel 54 Tues., 3/21 @ 11:00am Channel 53 Wed., 3/22 @ 8:30am Channel 54 Thur., 3/23 @ 11:30am … Read More

Make Dumplings with Audrey Wilson and JE!

In this episode of Audrey Wilson’s Cooking Show, our very own JE Orozco and viewers are taught how to make 3 types of dumplings! Watch on our channels or available now at…/v8ChcAR1AGw0…/media/226595… . Mon., 3/20 @ 12:30pm Channel 54 Tues., 3/21 @ 11:30am Channel 53 Wed., 3/22 @ 7:30am Channel 54 Thur., 3/23 @ 10:00am Channel 53 Fri., 3/24 … Read More

Vulcan Sports Show

Love local sports, or want to learn new things? Watch #NLTV‘s new Vulcan Sports Show! Tune in on our channels, watch online, or visit our video on demand now . Mon., 3/20 @ 12:30pm on Channel 53 Tues., 3/21 @ 7:30am on Channel 54 Wed., 3/22 @ 8:30am on Channel 53 Thur., 3/23 @ 7:30pm on Channel 54 Fri., … Read More

Portuguese Day in The Park

Here are the air dates for “Portuguese Day in the Park”: Channel 53 Mon.,    3/6     12:00pm Wed.,    3/8     10:30am Fri.,      3/10      7:00pm Sun.,    3/12      7:30am Channel 54 Tues.,     3/7      11:00am Thur.,      3/9        1:30pm Sat.,       3/11 … Read More

We’re Expanding!

We’re so excited for the expansion of our Hilo facility. Check out this photo of our trusses being constructed!

Ka’u Hawaiian Homes Meeting

Production Supervisor Scott Ordway was filming the Ka’u Hawaiian Homes meeting all the way down in Na’alehu on the night of February 28th, 2017!

“West Hawaii Forum – Vog”

Here are the air dates for the “West Hawaii Forum – Vog”: Channel 53 Fri.,        3/3        1:00pm Sat.,       3/4        7:30am Channel 54 Mon.,       2/27      5:30pm Tues.,      2/28       7:30am Wed.,        3/1        9:30am Thur., … Read More

Legislative Town Hall Discussion

A HUGE MAHALO to everyone for making last night’s Legislative Town Hall Discussion broadcasted LIVE a success! The program is now available on Video on Demand at or on our channels at the times listed below. Thank you to our guests Managing Director Wil Okabe (on behalf of Mayor Harry Kim), Senator Russell Ruderman, and Chris Toshiro Todd, and … Read More

Big Island Safety: Road Safety

New episode of Big Island Safety! This month’s topic is Road Safety with helpful tips for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Features special guests Tim Sakahara of the HDOT and Sgt. Robert Pauole of the HPD. Watch it on Channels 53 or 54 and via our stream on Or watch it anytime on our Video on Demand System…/v8ChcAR1AGw0…/media/216277… . … Read More

Audrey Wilson’s Cooking Show

Don’t know what to make for the next potluck down the beach? Or even a healthy, light, refreshing lunch? Well check out this episode of Audrey Wilson’s cooking show as she shows us how to cook Tabbouleh and Vietnamese Chicken Salad and get your tastebuds going 🙂 Air dates for “Audrey Wilson’s Cooking Show” are as follows:   Channel 53 … Read More

Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival

Here are the air dates for the “Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival”:   CH: 53   Wed., 2/15 7:30am Fri., 2/17 7:00pm Sun., 2/19 12:30pm   CH: 54   Mon., 2/13 12:30pm Tues., 2/14 9:00am Thur., 2/16 11:00am Sat., 2/18 8:00pm

Air Dates for “Decoding Rocks & Words of Hinomoto”

Here are the upcoming air dates for “Decoding Rocks & Words of Hinomoto”:   CH: 53   Fri., 2/10 7:00pm Sun., 2/12 1:30pm Fri., 2/17 8:30am   CH: 54   Thur., 2/9 10:00am Sat., 2/11 6:00pm Mon., 2/13 9:30am   Also available on Video on Demand, watch it here:

Waimea Town Meeting

Airdates for “The Waimea Town Meeting, with Special Guest Speakers, Mayor: Harry Kim, Council Chair: Valerie Pointdexter, and Council Member: Tim Richards are as follows, Channel 53 Sun., 1/15 11:30am Mon., 1/16 3:30pm Wed., 1/18 8:30am Fri., 1/20 7:00pm Channel 54 Tues., 1/17 10:00am Thur., 1/19 5:30pm Sat., 1/21 9:30am Sun., 1/22 3:00pm

“Quest for Excellence Youth Edition – Kaimi Hook”

Here are the air dates for “Quest for Excellence – Kaimi Hook”: Channel 53 Fri.,      1/13        7:00pm Sat.,     1/14     11:00am Sun.,    1/15       8:30am Mon.,   1/16       5:30pm Channel 54 Mon.,     1/9       7:00pm Tues.,   1/10    12:30pm Wed.,   … Read More

“Big Island Safety- Vog Dashboard”

Here are the airdates for “Big Island safety- Vog Dashboard”. Na Leo TV would like to give special thanks again to Tamar Elias and Janet Babb of the USGS and John Peard of the Department of Health. Wed., 12/21 6:00pm CH.54 Thurs., 12/22 4:00pm CH.53 Fri., 12/23 10:30am CH.54 Sat., 12/24 8:30am CH.53 Sun., 12/25 11:00am CH.54 Mon., 12/26 8:00pm … Read More

32nd Annual Kailua-Kona Community Christmas Parade 2016

Missed the Kona Christmas Parade? Watch it here, on Oceanic Time Warner Cable Channels 53 and 54. Airdates are as follows: Channel 53: Fri., 12/16 10:00am Sun., 12/18 1:30pm Wed., 12/21 8:30am Thurs., 12/22 1:00pm Channel 54: Thur., 12/15 3:00pm Sat., 12/17 6:00pm Mon,. 12/19 9:00am Tues., 12/20 7:30am

Quest For Excellence – Teuila Lafi

Here are the air dates for “Quest for Excellence, Teuila Lafi” Channel 53: Thurs.,  12/15  7:00pm Sat.,  12/17  12:30pm Mon.,  12/19  8:30am Wed.,  12/21  10:30am Channel 54: Fri.,  12/16  9:30am Sun.,  12/18  5:30pm Tues.,  12/20  11:00am Thurs.,  12/22  7:30pm

Active Aging: “Our gift to the Next Generation”

Air dates for “Active Aging: Our gift to the Next Generation” can be watch on OTWC Channels 53 and 54. Channel 53: Sat., 12/10 9:30am Sun., 12/11 1:30pm Wed., 12/14 4:30pm Sun., 12/18 8:30am Channel 54: Mon., 12/12 6:00pm Tues., 12/13 10:00am Thurs., 12/15 5:30pm Sat., 12/17 9:30am