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Did we mention how excited we are to roll out a new program featuring Hilo’s own, BJ Soriano, the Ukulele Lady? The program is now available on our video on demand.  Here is a sneak peek:

NLTV also hosted Barry Periatt of the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency, where he and show host Micah Alameda discussed all things “Emergency Preparedness.” Stay tuned for a unique one-hour program, “Special Report on Emergency Preparedness.”  Find it on our Video on Demand or watch it on our channels. These are our initial airdates, and additional dates can be found on the video on demand file:

Fri., 1/12 @ 7:00pm, Channel 53

Sat., 1/13 @ 9:30am, Channel 54

Sun., 1/14 @ 11:00am, Channel 53
Mon., 1/15 @ 12:30pm, Channel 54
Tues., 1/16 @ 5:00pm, Channel 53
Wed., 1/17 @ 10:30am, Channel 54
Thur., 1/18 @ 7:00am, Channel 53
Fri., 1/19 @ 6:00pm, Channel 54

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