New Episode of ‘Ike Pono!

You can now watch our newest edition of ‘Ike Pono! Tired of negative news? Then watch local, POSITIVE news! See the uplifting story of how Camp Agape gives hope to teens struggling with one or both parents being incarcerated; catch the Centennial celebration of the Queen Liliʻuokalani Park and Gardens, and catch a segment on Suisan’s 110th Anniversary. Watch it on our video on demand anytime by visiting or catch it on the following air dates on our channels and internet livestream:

Fri., 9/29 @ 8:30am, Channel 53
Sat., 9/30 @ 2:00pm, Channel 54
Sun.,  10/1 @ 5:00pm, Channel 53
Mon., 10/2 @ 7:30am, Channel 54
Tues., 10/3 @ 10:00am, Channel 53
Wed., 10/4 @ 6:30pm, Channel 54

Healing at Camp Agape.


The iconic Queen Liliʻuokalani Park and Gardens.

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