Nā Leo On the Go Episode 3

Episode 3 of “Nā Leo on the Go” is now available! The first segment is on the 2017 Vulcan Basketball Camp, where our very own Stacy Higa interviews basketball legends Coach Jimmy Yagi, Co-Founder of the Vulcans Basketball Camp, and player Bill O’Rear, Volunteer for the Vulcan Basketball Camp.

The next segments take Stacy to Kailua-Kona. First, he talks story with the recently-retired Chief Judge Ronald Ibarra to get an update about life after retirement and his plans for the future. Lastly, Stacy visits Dr. Frank and Laura Sayre of the Daniel R. Sayre Foundation, to discuss how they turned a heartbreaking tragedy into a way to give back to the community so that our first responders can be better equipped in times of emergencies.

The show is available on our video on demand by visiting http://naleo.tv/vod or you can watch it on our channels during these upcoming air dates. Additional air dates are displayed by our programs when you click on them on our video on demand.  

Tues., 11/28, @ 9:00am, Channel 54

Wed., 11/29 @ 11:30am, Channel 53

Thur., 11/30 @ 7:30pm, Channel 54

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