Legislative Town Hall Discussion

A HUGE MAHALO to everyone for making last night’s Legislative Town Hall Discussion broadcasted LIVE a success! The program is now available on Video On Demand. or on our channels at the times listed below. Thank you to our guests Managing Director Wil Okabe (on behalf of Mayor Harry Kim), Senator Russell Ruderman, and Chris Toshiro Todd, and thank you to our special Focus Group comprised of Dave DeLuz (KIAA), Mike Keleikini (HICC), Doug Adams (Rotary Club of South Hilo), Jennifer Zelko-Schlueter, Marlene Hapai (Portuguese Chamber of Commerce), Bill Walters (Shipman Ltd.), and Cyrus Johnasen. #NāLeoTownHall

Here are the air dates for the “Legislature Town Hall Discussion”:

Channel 53

Sat., 2/25 8:00pm
Sun., 2/26 1:30pm
Fri., 3/3 8:30am
Sat., 3/4 11:30am

Channel 54

Mon., 2/27 7:30am
Tues., 2/28 12:30pm
Wed., 3/1 5:30pm
Thur., 3/2 10:00am

Channel 55

Sun., 2/26 7:30am
Mon., 2/27 6:00pm
Wed., 3/1 7:00am
Fri., 3/3 7:30pm

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