‘Ike Pono August

On the newest edition of ‘Ike Pono, NLTV brings you more feel-good positive news stories! See the triumphant return of the Nobu Yamauchi RBI Senior baseball team from the World Series, witness the dedication of a new plaque recognizing the man who was known as “Hawai’i’s best athlete,” Gilbert Carvalho, and find out where artifacts from the former Ellison S. Onizuka Space Center are now located.

Here are the air dates for “Ike Pono,” or watch it now on video on demand:

Channel 53

Tues., 8/15 @ 7:00pm
Thur., 8/17 @ 9:00am
Sat., 8/19 @ 1:30pm

Channel 54

Wed., 8/16 @ 11:00am
Fri., 8/18 @ 4:30pm
Sun., 8/20 @ 8:30am

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