Dr. Kopp Checks In

Dr. Kopp stopped by our office today to check in! Today he walked 20 miles with 12 left in his 500 mile Walk to Raise Awareness for the Unsheltered on Hawaii Island!

Reclaiming Waste Water

Here are the air dates for “How to Reclaim Waste Water for Use” on our channels, internet stream, and our video on demand: Mon., 10/3 @ 7:00pm Channel 54 Tues., 10/4 @ 9:00am Channel 53 Wed., 10/5 @ 10:30am Channel 54 Thur., 10/6 @ 5:30pm Channel 53 Fri., 10/7 @ 7:30pm Channel 54 Sat., 10/8 @ 6:30pm Channel 53 Sun., 10/9 @ 9:30am Channel 54 … Read More

An Evening of Tap Dance & Entertainment

Here are the air dates for “An Evening of Tap Dance & Entertainment” by Kona Dance & Performing Arts! Watch it on our cable channels, internet channel streams, and video on demand. Wed., 10/5 @ 1:30pm Channel 53 Thur., 10/6 @ 5:30pm Channel 54 Fri., 10/7 @ 9:00pm Channel 53 Sat., 10/8 @ 10:30am Channel 54 Sun., 10/9 @ 11:00am Channel 53 Mon., … Read More

New Big Island Arts and Entertainment Report

October’s Big Island Arts and Entertainment Report features the Magic of Kona Kozy, the Dance Skills of the Kealakehe High Dance Team, and the Music of Local Musician Grayden Ha`i Kelly! Air dates for our channels and internet streams are as follows, or available now on our website video on demand! Sat., 10/1 @ 6:30pm Channel 54 Sun., 10/2 @ … Read More

Quest for Excellence: Mealoha Kraus

This upcoming episode of Quest for Excellence will feature Mealoha Kraus: Realtor, Mother, and Roller Derby Enthusiast with the Paradise Roller Girls! Here are the air dates for “Quest for Excellence: Mealoha Kraus,” or available now on our website video on demand! Sat., 10/1 @ 6:00pm Channel 54 Sun., 10/2 @ 1:30pm Channel 53 Mon., 10/3 @ 7:30am Channel 54 Tues., 10/4 @ 8:30am … Read More

September 2016 West Hawai’i Forum

Here are the air dates for the “West Hawai’i Forum: What’s Ahead for Hawaiʻi’s Energy Future” recorded September 15, 2016. Also available on our video on demand! Fri., 9/30 @ 3:30pm Channel 53 Sat., 10/1 @ 10:00am Channel 54 Sun., 10/2 @ 11:00am Channel 53 Mon., 10/3 @ 9:00pm Channel 54

Game Management Commission Meeting

Air dates for the Game Management Commission Meeting held in September 2016: Fri., 9/30 @ 7:30pm Channel 54 Sat., 10/1 @ 9:30am Channel 53 Sun., 10/2 @  3:00pm Channel 54 Mon., 10/3 @ 12:00pm Channel 53 Tues., 10/4 @  7:30am Channel 54 Wed., 10/5 @ 10:30am Channel 53 Thur., 10/6 @ 9:00am Channel 54 Fri., 10/7 @ 1:30pm Channel 53

Living My Life – Jerry Carmack

Air dates for “Living My Life – Jerry Carmack.” Available on our channels and channel stream, as well as our video on demand: Fri., 9/30 @ 6:30pm Channel 54 Sat., 10/1 @ 6:00pm Channel 53 Sun., 10/2 @ 8:00am Channel 54 Mon., 10/3 @ 11:00am Channel 53 Tues., 10/4 @ 10:30am Channel 54 Wed., 10/5 @ 8:30am Channel 53 Thur., 10/6 @ 12:30pm … Read More

Living my Life: Captain Jack Ross

Upcoming air dates for “Living My Life – Capt. Jack Ross” on our channels, internet channel stream, and video on demand: Thur., 9/29 @ 7:30am Channel 54 Fri., 9/30 @ 7:30pm Channel 53 Sat., 10/1 @ 4:00pm Channel 54

Hispanic Cultural Festival Program

Airdates for the 2nd Annual Hispanic Cultural Festival filmed in Kona! Fri.,  9/23 @ 7:00pm Channel 54 Sat., 9/24 @ 7:30am Channel 53 Sun., 9/25 @ 1:00pm Channel 54 Mon., 9/26 @ 8:00pm Channel 53 Tues., 9/27 @ 7:30am Channel 54 Wed., 9/28 @ 11:30am Channel 53 Thur., 9/29 @ 10:30am Channel 54

Hawaii Plantation Museum

You can watch now watch “Hawaii Plantation Museum,” which highlights the Hawaii Plantation Museum in Papaikou. Get an up-close look at artifacts and hear interviews in this half-hour program. Watch it on our cable channels or internet live streams at these times, or watch it on our Video on Demand! Mon., 9/12 @ 9:30am Channel 53 Tues., 9/13 @ 12:30pm … Read More

Quest for Excellence – Jeff Guilloz

New episode of Quest for Excellence! This month’s show features Jeff Guilloz, a retired Marine and local hunter and guide who traps and removes wildlife here on the Big Island. Quest for Excellence features people who contribute back to the community through helping kids, helping organizations, or having a unique skill. Available on our cable channels and online streams at … Read More

Get Certified!

Get certified for $50! From September 1, 2016 until December 31st, 2016, enjoy 50% off our certification fee. This limited-time offer is not likely to be offered again for some time, so don’t hesitate to get certified so you can get your message out to the Big Island!

Hui Kako’o Benefit Concert – August 2016

Here are the air dates for the “Hui Kako’o Benefit Concert” with August’s featured performer, Christy Lassiter. Available on our channels, or on our internet channel streams and Video on Demand at naleo.tv. Wed., 9/7 @ 12:00pm Channel 53 Thur., 9/8 @ 5:30pm Channel 54 Fri., 9/9 @ 7:30pm Channel 53 Sat., 9/10 @ 3:30pm Channel 54 Sun., 9/11 @ 11:30am Channel 53 … Read More

Lava Viewing Program

Interested in seeing the lava flow southeast of Puʻu ʻŌʻō ? NLTV invites you to watch spectacular views of the lava flow on a special field-based experience featuring staff from Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, Hawaiʻi County Civil Defense, and the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory on Kīlauea Volcano’s lava flow field. Watch “Hawaii Lava Viewing” on our channels, internet channel stream, and our … Read More

Dept. of Agriculture and Dept. of Health – Gov. Ige Community Connection

Here are the air dates for the Department of Health and Department of Agriculture section of “Governor Ige’s Community Connection” town hall meeting held in Hilo last month. Also watch it on our internet livestream or on our video on demand at naleo.tv.   Tues., 9/6 @ 2:00pm Channel 53 Wed., 9/7 @ 7:00pm Channel 54 Thur., 9/8 @ 9:30am Channel … Read More

Dept. of Transportation – Gov. Ige’s Community Connection

The following are air dates for the Department of Transportation section of “Governor Ige’s Community Connection” town hall meeting held in Hilo last month. Watch it during these times on cable TV . Watch it on our internet livestream during those times or on our Video on Demand at naleo.tv. Tues., 9/6 @ 1:00pm Channel 53 Wed., 9/7 @ 6:00pm Channel … Read More

Blue Zones Health & Wellness Fair Program

Air dates for the Chiefess Kapiʻolani Elementary School’s Blue Zones Health & Wellness Fair on our channels and internet livestream:   Fri., 9/2 @ 12:30pm Channel 54 Sat., 9/3 @ 6:00pm Channel 53 Sun., 9/4 @ 7:30pm Channel 54 Mon., 9/5 @ 8:30am Channel 53 Tues., 9/6 @ 11:00am Channel 54 Wed., 9/7 @ 5:30pm Channel 53

Closure for 8/31/16

Aloha NLTV Producers and Supporters, Nā Leo TV facilities will be closed tomorrow, August 31st, 2016, in anticipation of storm conditions due to Hurricane Madeline. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We have not determined if we’ll be open or closed on Thursday, September 1st. It will depend on weather conditions. Clients will be informed if we will be … Read More

NLTV Emergency Broadcast Channel

Nā Leo TV has launched the Emergency Broadcast Channel! NLTV has provided the Hawaiʻi County Civil Defense the ability to Broadcast LIVE on cable Channel 55 and to the Emergency Broadcast feed available on our web site’s homepage at naleo.tv anytime Civil Defense deems it necessary. This web element of the emergency broadcast allows any non-cable subscriber the opportunity to … Read More