Aupuni Connections with Representative Joy San Buenaventura

Here are the upcoming air dates for “Aupuni Connections – Representative San Buenaventura” on Spectrum Channels 53 and 54, and the internet livestreams for these channels on :

Thur., 10/26 @ 10:00am, Channel 54
Fri., 10/27 @ 11:30am, Channel 53
Sat., 10/28 @ 2:00pm, Channel 54
Sun., 10/29 @ 1:00pm, Channel 53
Mon., 10/30 @ 7:30am, Channel 54
Tues., 10/31 @ 8:30am, Channel 53
Wed., 11/1 @ 8:00pm, Channel 54

The program can also be watched anytime at

The show was hosted by NLTV’s Micah Alameda, and Representative Joy San Buenaventura brought her guests Richard Ha of Lauola and Zach Taffany of Hawaiian Ethos.

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