Aupuni Connections: Senator Ruderman on the Minimum Wage

On the latest episode of Aupuni Connections, Senator Russell Ruderman of Puna discussed the topic of increasing Hawai’i’s minimum wage, in future initiatives for the idea. Senator Ruderman discussed his opinion about the current minimum wage not being a livable wage. You can find airdates below for our channels, or watch the show and see additional air dates by visiting our video on demand page,  .

Fri.,  12/1 @  7:30pm, Channel 54

Sat., 12/2 @ 11:00am, Channel 53

Sun., 12/3 @ 9:30am, Channel 54

Mon., 12/4 @ 3:00pm, , Channel 53

Tues.,  12/5 @ 12:30pm, Channel 54

Wed., 12/6  @  8:30am, , Channel 53

Thur., 12/7 @ 11:00am, Channel 54

Fri.,  12/8 @ 6:30pm, , Channel 53

About the Show: “Aupuni Connections,” a show dedicated to our elected officials to talk about relevant topics, issues, and solutions for Hawaiʻi Island.

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