Aupuni Connections: Councilmember Jennifer Ruggles

Stay tuned for a new episode of Aupuni Connections featuring Council Member Jen Ruggles of District 5, and Dr. Cheryl Soon of SSFM International where they discuss the challenges and opportunities we face regarding Mass Transit on Hawaiʻi Island. 

Air dates for our channels and internet livestream are as follows, and the show will be available on Video on Demand by Friday evening. 

Sat., 12/8 @ 11:30am, Channel 54

Fri., 12/8 @ 7:00pm, Channel 53

Sun., 12/10  @ 8:00am, Channel 53

Mon., 12/11 @ 12:30pm, Channel 54

Tues., 12/12 @ 2:00pm, Channel 53

Wed., 12/13 @ 9:00am, Channel 54

Thur., 12/14 @ 11:30am, Channel 53

 Fri., 12/15 @ 8:00pm, Channel 54

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